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June Results & July Blog Goals 2020

Oh hey there! I'm dragging myself onto the computer to do this post today because it's the first of the month, which means we've got to do our report on the June Results, and planning it out for the July Blog Goals!  If you'd like to see the previous entry, you can find that here. As some of you may know if you've been following me over on Twitter or Instagram, I struggled majorly in the last few weeks.  I've been battling a lot of mental health concerns, and that zoning out life is real. However, I'm really pleased that I managed to stick with the majority of the month the way I wanted to, and hustled my little butt off. So without further ado, here's where we ended up for June:

June Wrap Up


Instagram Followers

Email Sign Ups

Affiliate Sales




822 Followers (+22 on goal)

312 Followers (-13 on goal)

12 (-18 on goal)

$0  (-$50 but one affiliate offer, and one product review offer)

4 (-2 on goal)

3130 (+130 on goal)


Impressions - 92k  (+42k on goal)

Total Audience - 81.4k (+31k on goal)

Engagement - 2.3k (-700 on goal)

Engaged Audience - 1.9k (-1.1k on goal)



So as you can see, I fricken DOMINATED my Pinterest goals.  I had a bunch of extra traffic that came through, and it really was because one of my pins went semi-viral (13k impressions, woo!).  Really happy with my Twitter growth, and also surprised with Instagram to be really honest. I didn't think that was going to get as a high as it did.  Little bummed out about the blog sign-ups, BUT if you haven't seen already, I do currently have my new free E-Book that has launched which you can download just below which is super exciting!



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    So let's talk about our July goals.  I'm hoping to continue to work on my Pinterest, and get back into the habit of posting every day on Instagram.  I had a non-official goal of posting 18 posts last month, but only managed to get to 10.  In fairness to myself, I think if I hadn't of crashed out the last two weeks, I would've got there.  Getting back to maybe three a week for this month (so 15) might be a safer option so we'll do that.  I have yet to write everything down in my written journal which is also a bummer, but I'll get to that today!


    I'd love to have my first affiliate sale this month! I support some amazing creators over at Creative Market, Blossom Themes, and also my Amazon Affiliates as well. As always, these may pay me out a commission if you choose to go and purchase a thing from there!



    July Blog Goals


    Instagram Followers

    Email Sign Ups

    Affiliate Sales











    Impressions - 150k

    Total Audience - 150k

    Engagement - 3k

    Engaged Audience - 3k


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    - June Results & July Goals Wrap Up -


    There you have it!  Some good results,  and whilst I didn't quite get there for others, I'm happy with what I achieved.  How did you go this month?  What are your goals for July? Let me know in the comments! As always, feel free to reach out on my social channels, and send me a message if you're interested in doing a guest post or collab! Until next time!


    Get to Know Me Questions – Part One

    I had a super successful twitter poll last week where a bunch of people responded*,  and 50% said that they wanted to see a new "Get to know me" post.  I also realised the last time I actually did an about me post was two years ago when I first started the blog, and that's pretty damn terrible read if I do say so myself.

    So! I'm listening to the masses and creating this sparkling new blog post of frequently asked questions and queries!**

    *if you count a bunch of people as er, two people
    **they haven't been asked at all, tbh.

    1. What is a band that you listen to that people might not think you would?


    One of my favourite bands at the moment is actually a hip-hop duo from South Africa; Die Antwoord.  Their music is actually crazy, incredibly in your face and the polar opposite of the usual Australian hip hop I'd normally be listening to - and yet somehow I  managed to get within their 1% of Spotify listeners a few months back.  They actually just released a new album which I was super excited for as I didn't think they were on this indefinite hiatus for a while, but I'm not super loving the new songs which is a bit of a shame.

    2. Do you have any hidden skills or talents?


    I'm not sure if I would call it a talent or a skill - but I'm really partial in learning new languages. I studied French for four years. I also started to learn Auslan (Australian Sign Language) for a few terms, and have also been dutifully logging into Duolingo every day to learn Indonesian.   Am I fluent in any of these? Nope.  Can I somewhat understand what people say and/or write?  Yes to French and Indonesian - not so much for Auslan anymore.


    I can also touch type with an average speed of 92 WPM, and actually type faster if I'm not concentrating on the screen (ie, eyes closed) and I also freak people out by looking at them rather than the screen whilst typing which is always fun!

    3. Where was your first trip that you can remember?


    The first trip I can remember going on was when I was about five or six.  For some reason, my parents thought it'd be a fantastic idea for me to travel on my own halfway across the country to spend some time with my Aunt and Uncle in Alice Springs. (That was a fair solo journey!)  I had a really great time.  They had a spa in their back yard which was awesome.  I got my head stuck between the iron bars on their bed (not so awesome). We road-tripped across half of Australia to visit my other relatives in Sydney which was pretty sweet - until the last day when I lost my toy Dalmatian, I'd only got a few weeks prior for Christmas.  There are some pretty amazing photos of me in a total meltdown because of it.  Good times!

    4. How do you want other people to see you?


    This is actually a super tricky question now that I've written it down. (Slightly regretting putting it in!)  I guess I'd like people to see me as a really friendly person with a super bubbly personality.  I'd like to be seen as someone who will try and go out of their way to make people happy.

    I'm super passionate about speaking up about mental health issues and awareness, and would also like to be eventually seen as a voice of said awareness as well.

    5. When you were younger - what careers did you want to pursue?


    • A vet (I can't deal with seeing surgery)
    • An astronaut (too short)
    • A Disney Princess (also too short)
    • A Model (I get terrible, terrible mental health problems pursing anything model related)
    • A tour guide (still technically not too late)
    • A photographer (As above)
    • A sex therapist (also wouldn't say no!)

    6.  What is a quote that you relate to?


    Traumatized people chronically feel unsafe inside their bodies: The past is alive in the form of gnawing interior discomfort. Their bodies are constantly bombarded by visceral warning signs, and, in an attempt to control these processes, they often become expert at ignoring their gut feelings and in numbing awareness of what is played out inside. They learn to hide from their selves.

    — “The Body Keeps The Score” by Bessel Van Der Kolk


    I actually read the quote before reading the book - and the book is actually a really great non-fiction read and actually explained a lot of why my brain processes trauma different than some other people.  Admittedly, I had to stop reading about halfway through because it was a fairly confronting read, and my headspace went.  I'd be keen to continue it again at some point though ♥

    7.  Name a place that you'd love to visit


    Chicago has been calling me years and years. I'd love to visit.  Do I know what is there that I'd like?  Not a clue. But you know those times where you just have a feeling you need to do something, or go somewhere?  Chicago is that place for me.  Morocco and the Maldives are actually other places that keep popping up every couple of months which I'm sure means I should probably check them out as well sometime soon.  If you've got any insider knowledge about them - feel free to drop a comment below!


    8.  What do you like to do in your downtime?


    I actually enjoy being on the computer,  more than anything. I play a lot of online games. My favourite has to be Marapets, which is kinda like Neopets, except better. (I might be a tad bias considering I've been on the site for like nearly 14 years so...)

    I also play quite a bit of World of Warcraft.  For offline gaming, I've also just picked the Sims 3 back up again.  I really am not digging Sims 4 (although I have nearly all of the expansions.)  I love Civ5,  and also just picked up Animal Crossing: New Leaf again after a few years ♥





    I super enjoy watching Youtube and a couple of my faves currently are;

    MrBeast - great for entertainment and heartwarming content
    Jessica Kobeissi - she's a really good fashion photographer and I've found I've adopted a lot of her mannerisms (whoops)
    Mango Street - a photographer couple who just produce AMAZING
    Plumbella & Steph0sims - two of the best YouTubers who feature doing Sims playthroughs

    You can also find my Youtube channel here!



    9.  If someone wanted to be your friend - what topics could they bring up to start a conversation?

    I think I probably covered a few of those in the last question!  I'm always up for conversations on:


    • The Sims
    • Harry Potter
    • Animal Crossing
    • Photography
    • Anything blog-related
    • Travel & Adventures

    I also accept showing of hilarious Tik-Toks, and frequently used Vines.

    10.  What are 5 songs that make you happy?


    I actually made an Instagram post on how you should make a playlist for songs that make you smile.  You can check out my list here.  Some have particular memories attached to them, others are just really good for singing along to.  There's a couple there that just come with a bit of #GirlBoss vibes and I just love them.

    A couple of my favourites:

    • So Am I - Ava Max  

      Do you ever feel like an outcast?
      You don't have to fit into the format
      Oh, but it's okay to be different
      'Cause baby, so am I

    • High Hopes - Panic! At the Disco 

      Had to have high, high hopes for a living
      Shooting for the stars when I couldn't make a killing
      Didn't have a dime but I always had a vision
      Always had high, high hopes

    • 7 rings - Ariana Grande 

      My wrist, stop watchin',
      my neck is flossy
      Make big deposits, my gloss is poppin'
      You like my hair?
      Gee, thanks, just bought it
      I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it

    • Price of Fame - 360

      That's what my passion is
      And I could go and buy a crazy, fresh Mercedes-Benz
      But I would rather help my mates in debt and pay their rent

    • 1955 - Hilltop Hoods

      We're living in the days when everybody sayin'
      "What a time to be alive"
      But I'm feeling out of place like I live in outer space
      'Cause it seems I'm stuck in time

    Wooo!  That is it for part one!  Originally there was going to be all 28 questions in one neat list, but I realised that there's a lot to read so I'll let you get excited for the next part next week.

    Was there anything thus far that you're surprised about? Do we have anything in common?
    Should we be friends?  (insert *gasp* here)

    Let me know in the comments!


    For the bees!

    Somewhere in the last few months, I turned a page and decided that I should really be doing more for the environment.

    I went on a crusade - bought metallic straws (that I lost after 24 hours, who even does that?)  - lovingly purchased the most gorgeous ceramic keep cup (which my cat delightfully batted off the bench and I didn't know for about three weeks.)  I bought re-usable containers for my food (which I keep losing the lids for. Seriously, where the fudge do they go?)  and I've always been an adamant person who doesn't believe in turning heaters on when there's blankets to be had.  (Because who doesn't want more blankets in their life?)

    But the one thing that has really stuck out to me over the last few months, apart from my apparent addiction to coffee, is bees.



    "Bees, Claire? Really? Why?"

    Maybe I should clarify it's actually quite the distinct lack of  bees.
    See, growing up - there was so many freaking bees everywhereeee. And those mofo's sting like hell if you peeve one off!  10/10 don't recommend this at all. However, it occured to me that there hasn't been any bees around lately to even slightly worry about this.  So here's a pretty pure hearted story for you.


    So I was running late for work a few mornings ago, and let me tell you, I'm suuuuuper bad at trying to get up and doing things at the best of times,  and that 10000% includes getting ready in the mornings.  This wasn't even one of my classic "okay, yeah, maybe I'm only behind like five minutes-"

    Of course not.

    This was a very much "Shiiiit I'm fifteen minutes behind. I'm in trouble."  sort of late.
    So here I am absolutely racing to my car and just as I'm about to jump in - here's a bee.

    On my car.

    Just chilling.

    And I'm just looking at it going,  you little buddy are not going to make it if I start driving.
    Do you think I could have one less bee in the world on my conscience?  Hell nah.   Even if it meant being ridiculously late - I was saving this little buddies stinger.  Being the Queen of Procastination I am, I had a heap of kids books hiding in my boot that was meant to go to the local charity drop off the weekend prior.  I had to scoop this little buddy onto such a flat piece of paper and I don't know if bees can give you death stares- but if they could, pretty sure I got one.

    So happy endings, I put them on the flower bush in our garden and saved it from a very uncomfy death by car.

    I hope the little thing is okay, I'm really rooting for our bees.


    What are you doing to help the environment?  Have a cute story about saving a wombat or helping a cute family of ducks cross the road? Let me know in the comments below!

    Fern Glade | North Tasmania

    Look, I think I may be a bit bias towards my love of the North West.  It's where I spent the first five years of my life, and honestly - as much as I  love Hobart, the North will always have my heart. (Insert Game of Thrones reference here).  I always have one memory in particular of this place that we spotted platypuses (platypi?) one night when it was nearing dusk, and as you may have guessed - it was this great little place called Fern Glade.


    Over the weekend, we carpooled up to Burnie to see off my cousin who, I may add as an amazing achievement, is heading overseas on a four-year scholarship. But as the farewell wasn't until later in the evening, the #Roadtripfam had some time to kill.  When suggested what would I like to do -and the typical response of "Take photos and walk" was the answer, we took a trip up to Fern Glade, which features on Tasmania's top 60 short walks.   It's only a short drive away from the Burnie CBD as well - so really, you've got no excuse not to visit.


    When we arrived, typical Tassie weather ensued, and within minutes of our walk - it started raining so hooray for hooded jumpers and bringing spare towels in the car!


    As I mentioned a little earlier, Fern Glade is an amazing spot to try and see Platypi - although we were unlucky on this occasion. They like to show themselves early morning and late afternoon - so our 1PM house call wasn't going to win us any favours.


    There was a much further walk than what we did - and I'd recommend to head up there in that early morning timing to get the full appreciation and beauty of the place.


    Quick side note ||
    Fern Glade is not dog friendly and is fineable to bring them in - so be aware if travelling with your furry friend.

    Have you done any of Tasmania's short walks?  Or have you ever been to Fern Glade?  Let me know in the comments!




    What happened when I tried to beat coffee addiction

    There isn't much of a debate that I'm obsessed with coffee. It's a tag on all my social channels, and I'm consistently in photos with a McDonald's take away cup in my hand.  So imagine when I had this crazy idea one day that maybe, coffee wasn't doing me the best it could be. Maybe I should try to give it up.  It was peaking me into high anxiety - and from a fitness point of view, it probably wasn't helping the calorie count.  Somewhere in my head - I went, "Y'know, for science - let's see what happens if I treat to beat my coffee addiction."

    Now, I promise you that if ask anyone that knows me, they will tell you I'm actually properly addicted to coffee. And to be perfectly honest - I think a lot of the world is.  Whether that be your local Starbucks or the niche little coffee place on the corner of the street, we've all got our own favourite places and spaces, blends and spends of every dollar that we put into it. I told my usual barista one morning of my plan to try to give up coffee. He was horrified, and just looked at me for a moment, before responding with "But why would you?"

    It was a fair call really.
    However,  for the sake of the experiment and my own curiosity - I started on my detox journey.


    I should probably give you the heads up at this point to strongly suggest if you're going to detox - start on a day, or preferably DAYS when you don't have anything particular on because this will kick you around.


    Trying to Beat Coffee Addiction - Day One

    Day one was fine until 2PM.
    Oh man.

    I'm not going to sugar coat that the headaches weren't pretty brutal on day one, because they absolutely were.
    The thing that most people forget that coffee is an actual addiction.
    If you stop - you do get withdrawals.
    So at 2 PM - the headaches kicked in.

    And so whilst sitting at work, dealing with customers with not so pleasant issues - the absolute killer mood swings kicked in full force. I was not someone you wanted to be friends with, and anyone who has done this detox process before would be able to agree 100% with me.

    I ended up having to leave work early because I was that snippy, and physically could not shake the headaches.



    Trying to Beat Coffee Addiction - Day Two

    It didn't get any easier.

    Introducing the cold sweats, more repeat headaches. I had to cancel a few of my fitness activities and meetups I had that afternoon as it was too unbearable to cope with.  I was so tired and lethargic, my head was this foggy cloud of horribleness and I couldn't bare to stand upright. It got that bad that I had to get my housemate to come get me after work as I knew I couldn't drive. I'm actually surprised I even made it through the day consider the day I had yesterday.

    Asprin and water was my best friend throughout the whole process, and took a little bit of the edge off, thankfully.
    Also, sleep.  Remember the life hack from above?  Starting this on a Friday and going through onto the Sunday is an honest lifesaver.

    Another suggestion I heard on the grapevine was taking magnesium tablets, as this helps with muscle relaxants (and as I was seizing like anything).  So if you've got some handy - absolutely take some if you can.


    Day three-four-five:

    It started getting easier.

    I can't say it was an easy process. I was fortunate enough that the bulk of the withdrawals hit over the weekend and although I was a grumpy thing for the few days, by the time Monday came around again - I felt a lot more energized. My cold shakes had stopped around day three, and the fog that had entered into my head suddenly felt a lot lighter. (Believe me, that was an amazing feeling.)

    I can 100% say that after a week of not having coffee, I was feeling pretty good.  I swapped back onto green tea (The T2 blends are amazing.) - so that I still had some buzz, and felt a bit better for it.  My anxiety did also settle down a little as well, so in my experience, coffee was certainly not making friends with my brain.

    .... I'd love to end this post and say that I'm 100 days sober from coffee.
    Unfortunately, three weeks later and I ended up on a week of early starts at work and the coffee started again and I'm back to where I started.
    Maybe I should do another post with an hourly update?

    Have you tried detoxing before?
    What was your experience?  What were your best suggestions for getting past the withdrawals?
    Let me know in the comments!