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As if it’s already half way through January



It almost feels like it was yesterday we were still writing 2019 - and yet we've now had FIFTEEN DAYS (or at least for those on my side of the world) to practice it.  I actually can't believe how ridiculously quick it's been. I've already broken like 80% of my original resolutions that I wasn't officially committing to - but been able to commit to a few others.

I figured I haven't actually given a proper life update in a while so heck, why not now?





Yeah, look I really wanted to be like BAM. I ROCKED INTO THE NEW YEAR. #NEWYEARNEWME  but seriously, I spent from New Years day all through to about five days ago riddled with period pain, PMS and every hormone imbalance under the sun. I skipped my PT sessions for a whole week because I was too fucking tired and exhausted to get out of bed.  I totally ate way too much Macca's and chocolate and just threw all my fucks away.


Now - I don't recommend this approach.
At all.


And I'm regretting this because again, we are fifteen days into this year and whilst we don't think on a daily basis that our decisions are doing much,  if I'd been a champ for those two weeks I'd be much further on than not.

However, I also don't regret this because I know my body well enough to know that if I'd attempted to try and force it to do exercise and clean eating and whatever else, we would've reverted a million steps back.

The takeaway here is that I'm back gyming now, three times a week.  I hit a PB on my leg press of 140kg after three years of not doing anything of the same sort so I'll take that as a win.  I've also started back on my shakes and diet plan so I've got a bit of a goal which is what we want to see.  I think I'll start trying to do a weekly update post on my food intake and also what I'm doing at the gym ♥



My countdown for Bali (which ho'shit, I haven't blogged on yet, watch this space) is coming up in like, less than 50 days. Which also means my birthday is less than 50 days so heck yeah - bring on 28!  I've finally booked in my accommodation, and just finalising my activity list.   I'm a bit frustrated as I had full intentions on doing Bali for under $1k for the whole week, which I'm 99% convinced is doable (And will be a challenge later in the year I think) -  but, I figure screw it. It's again my birthday, and my first overseas trip in like four years, and I think I can afford to splash out a little.

I'm planning on seeing the Orangutans and Elephants (Yes to the mud bath - no to riding them) for my actual birthday which I'm RIDICULOUSLY excited over.

Still sussing out insurance and slightly skeptical that my flights are going to be fine as I'm going with my least favorite airline because they are unfortunately super cheap but I guess it's gonna be a watch this space.



It's going okay.  To start the year off feeling so horrible and crappy, and not sticking to my diet plan for the first bit was a bit of a downer, especially since I was GO GO GO  coming out of 2019.  I feel like I'm all in all in a really good space and should have a bit of direction.  The vlog is troubling me only because I don't know what in the world to talk about but oh well - that's something I guess will come in time.


So that's my year round up so far. How's your year going?
Let me know in the comments!

Selfie September 2019

Even though it's part of Selfie September - I wasn't going to post these.  Seriously, I looked at them after I took them  - and apart from the above display photo (which I actually super love),  and just hated the way I looked.



Self love isn't something I'm great at. I preach it - I yell it from the roof tops,  but actually for me to put it in action - haha yeah.  Not so much.  I've already made myself out to be a hypocrite once this week, and that's not something that I'm wanting to become a habit.  Therefore, that's why they're getting posted.  To say this is a scary is a bit of an understatement. These are seriously unedited (as in, photoshopped for the lumps and bumps. Certainly has had a few colours added here and there.) - and I'm not used to that.

But, if I'm going to be here being a bad ass bitch, and tell you to get off your ass and take progress photos - then I'm willing to take responsibility for my photos too.

Things that I realised:


  1. I have a surperb resting bitch face
  2. Orange and reds are totally my colours
  3. As much as I bloody love jumpsuits, that don't super flatter me
  4. Whatever rat-tail looking thing is currently curled at the back of my hair is absolutely needing to go the next time I'm at the hairdressers

On another side note - I attempted to record myself in the studio thinking YES. THIS IS IT. THIS IS THE TIME THAT I CAN FINALLY LOOK AMAZING AND PROFESSIONAL WITH A GREAT BACKGROUND.


Let me tell you how absolutely terrible that was; the echo. My good (*insert the echoey good-good-good*)  ness.  Nope, that was not going to work.  It could have worked if I was recording a commercial on how not to record a commercial - for my future ventures on YouTube though - not so much.

Question of the day then goes, how is the best way to actually record a video for youtube?   I'd love to hear suggestions below. As for now, that's it for my #SelfieSeptember.  Thanks for stopping by ♥


The No List – Confronting Habits

Do you have a “No List”? If you don’t, and can’t seem to commit to your newly adopted lifestyle change- maybe it’s time to read this piece

What happened when I tried to beat coffee addiction

There isn't much of a debate that I'm obsessed with coffee. It's a tag on all my social channels, and I'm consistently in photos with a McDonald's take away cup in my hand.  So imagine when I had this crazy idea one day that maybe, coffee wasn't doing me the best it could be. Maybe I should try to give it up.  It was peaking me into high anxiety - and from a fitness point of view, it probably wasn't helping the calorie count.  Somewhere in my head - I went, "Y'know, for science - let's see what happens if I treat to beat my coffee addiction."

Now, I promise you that if ask anyone that knows me, they will tell you I'm actually properly addicted to coffee. And to be perfectly honest - I think a lot of the world is.  Whether that be your local Starbucks or the niche little coffee place on the corner of the street, we've all got our own favourite places and spaces, blends and spends of every dollar that we put into it. I told my usual barista one morning of my plan to try to give up coffee. He was horrified, and just looked at me for a moment, before responding with "But why would you?"

It was a fair call really.
However,  for the sake of the experiment and my own curiosity - I started on my detox journey.


I should probably give you the heads up at this point to strongly suggest if you're going to detox - start on a day, or preferably DAYS when you don't have anything particular on because this will kick you around.


Trying to Beat Coffee Addiction - Day One

Day one was fine until 2PM.
Oh man.

I'm not going to sugar coat that the headaches weren't pretty brutal on day one, because they absolutely were.
The thing that most people forget that coffee is an actual addiction.
If you stop - you do get withdrawals.
So at 2 PM - the headaches kicked in.

And so whilst sitting at work, dealing with customers with not so pleasant issues - the absolute killer mood swings kicked in full force. I was not someone you wanted to be friends with, and anyone who has done this detox process before would be able to agree 100% with me.

I ended up having to leave work early because I was that snippy, and physically could not shake the headaches.



Trying to Beat Coffee Addiction - Day Two

It didn't get any easier.

Introducing the cold sweats, more repeat headaches. I had to cancel a few of my fitness activities and meetups I had that afternoon as it was too unbearable to cope with.  I was so tired and lethargic, my head was this foggy cloud of horribleness and I couldn't bare to stand upright. It got that bad that I had to get my housemate to come get me after work as I knew I couldn't drive. I'm actually surprised I even made it through the day consider the day I had yesterday.

Asprin and water was my best friend throughout the whole process, and took a little bit of the edge off, thankfully.
Also, sleep.  Remember the life hack from above?  Starting this on a Friday and going through onto the Sunday is an honest lifesaver.

Another suggestion I heard on the grapevine was taking magnesium tablets, as this helps with muscle relaxants (and as I was seizing like anything).  So if you've got some handy - absolutely take some if you can.


Day three-four-five:

It started getting easier.

I can't say it was an easy process. I was fortunate enough that the bulk of the withdrawals hit over the weekend and although I was a grumpy thing for the few days, by the time Monday came around again - I felt a lot more energized. My cold shakes had stopped around day three, and the fog that had entered into my head suddenly felt a lot lighter. (Believe me, that was an amazing feeling.)

I can 100% say that after a week of not having coffee, I was feeling pretty good.  I swapped back onto green tea (The T2 blends are amazing.) - so that I still had some buzz, and felt a bit better for it.  My anxiety did also settle down a little as well, so in my experience, coffee was certainly not making friends with my brain.

.... I'd love to end this post and say that I'm 100 days sober from coffee.
Unfortunately, three weeks later and I ended up on a week of early starts at work and the coffee started again and I'm back to where I started.
Maybe I should do another post with an hourly update?

Have you tried detoxing before?
What was your experience?  What were your best suggestions for getting past the withdrawals?
Let me know in the comments!