Selfie September 2019

  • Claire OBeirne
  • Oct 3, 2019

Even though it's part of Selfie September - I wasn't going to post these.  Seriously, I looked at them after I took them  - and apart from the above display photo (which I actually super love),  and just hated the way I looked.



Self love isn't something I'm great at. I preach it - I yell it from the roof tops,  but actually for me to put it in action - haha yeah.  Not so much.  I've already made myself out to be a hypocrite once this week, and that's not something that I'm wanting to become a habit.  Therefore, that's why they're getting posted.  To say this is a scary is a bit of an understatement. These are seriously unedited (as in, photoshopped for the lumps and bumps. Certainly has had a few colours added here and there.) - and I'm not used to that.

But, if I'm going to be here being a bad ass bitch, and tell you to get off your ass and take progress photos - then I'm willing to take responsibility for my photos too.

Things that I realised:


  1. I have a surperb resting bitch face
  2. Orange and reds are totally my colours
  3. As much as I bloody love jumpsuits, that don't super flatter me
  4. Whatever rat-tail looking thing is currently curled at the back of my hair is absolutely needing to go the next time I'm at the hairdressers

On another side note - I attempted to record myself in the studio thinking YES. THIS IS IT. THIS IS THE TIME THAT I CAN FINALLY LOOK AMAZING AND PROFESSIONAL WITH A GREAT BACKGROUND.


Let me tell you how absolutely terrible that was; the echo. My good (*insert the echoey good-good-good*)  ness.  Nope, that was not going to work.  It could have worked if I was recording a commercial on how not to record a commercial - for my future ventures on YouTube though - not so much.

Question of the day then goes, how is the best way to actually record a video for youtube?   I'd love to hear suggestions below. As for now, that's it for my #SelfieSeptember.  Thanks for stopping by ♥