Super-Cute Dog Birthday Pictures? Sign Me Up!

  • Claire OBeirne
  • Aug 14, 2020

Have you ever seen that meme around that goes; "Sorry I can't come out. I've got my dogs birthday party to go to."?   Yeah, so that was me last week.  Wally turned six and OH MY GOODNESS PLEASE STOP GETTING OLDER.  And because the people of the internet like cute dogs, and I have a cute dog, and apparently the world likes seeing dog birthday pictures - that's what you're getting today. Woo!

So what gifts to you get for your dog? For our regular visitors, you'll know that Wally is pretty obsessed with McDonald's.  People don't quite understand the obsession and the way he carries on until they see it in action.  I went for a trip away with Wally and my Dad a few weeks back, and Wally saw those key Golden Arches (in a new city mind you) and near had a full skitz out.


My dog is pretty special, guys.  However, wasn't it fitting as ANYTHING when I discovered that Fuzzyard actually does this really cute range of food-themed plush toys, I freaked when I found one that looked like Maccas's chips.  (It's unimaginatively just now known as French Fry.)   We've actually bought off Fuzzyard before and his favourite toy for Christmas was this owl. It was super cute ... until its fittings around its eyes were kinda chewed off.

RIP Owl. 

And you can't give your dog birthday presents without giving them a cake!  And whilst I failed miserably at trying to find a dog birthday cake, I did spot this carob creation from Huds and Toke who actually do a massive range of birthday treats, if you're looking for a stock list in Australia ♥


Admittedly, Wally has no clue on what to do with it for about ten minutes, and just wanted to go back to French Fry, but once he managed to work it out - he demolished it so quickly!

Happy Birthday Biscuit lays at feet of Australian Collie

That's the end of dog birthday pictures 🙁

I actually feel really bad because I had endeavoured to do a lot more for Wally's birthday, but with the move and everything, I just didn't quite get there this year.  HOWEVER, we did go on two massive road trips, and he got a pack of 24 nuggets so... I don't think he was too opposed.

Want to follow Wally?  He has his own Facebook and IG which can find by clicking the links! ♥
If you want to leave him some (late) birthday love, and I'll give him a big cuddle for every comment.