So, if you've been following along the blog for any amount of time - you know that I love three things in life.

One:  Coffee
Two:  Travel
Three: My ridiculously stupid/cute/hilarious/dopey/way too smart for his own good  - dog, Wally.

20191204_6266 copy

Wally is an Australian Shepherd x ?? (Maybe Border Collie?)

When I moved out of my third or fourth rental five years ago - I had
a) no intention of getting a dog straight away
b) my landlord had zero intention of me getting a dog
c) neither of these ideas worked out


I was only a week into moving into the new house, when my housemates and I took up to the Dog's Home of Tasmania - aaaaand each found a different dog that we fell in love with, and we had all gathered near the top of the pound to have a chat about our dream doggo.  As the case ended up being - we all stopped and looked at Wally, and decided to take a chance on bringing him out of the pen and see how he went.



Looking back - I regret sorely that I didn't take more photos of the fluffbutt when he was a puppy.  I didn't actually think he was a puppy;  he was so big when I picked him up that I thought that was just going to be his size going forward. (Spoiler alert, it wasn't.)


My landlord agreed to let me bring him home in exchange for an extra $20 a week rent to cover any damages, and hey ho away we went.


Some things to know about Wally:


    1. He used to hate males with a passion to the point he wouldn't go near them
    2. He also used to hate cars, however this has now become his favourite thing EVER
    3. ... outside of going through the Maccas drive thru because #chickennuggetlife

4.  I once spent $200 on presents for him as he still had no idea how to play with toys.  It turned out to be a $10 ball from Kmart that became his favourite (and only) thing in the world he'd play with


5. Fast forward to present day - balls are still are a fave, but he's rivalling me for the amount of teddy bears that he owns.


6.  He has his own social pages!  You can find him on Facebook & Instagram 

7.   He knows how to "say" please by giving a paw shake when getting treats.  He also knows how to sit and drop, however is pretty terrible at roll over/play dead.


8.  His unofficial names are Wallace, Walter, Fluffbutt & Wazzdog


9.  He's always been super anxious around other dogs, and unfortunately can't be around other puppers without having a low key panic attack which means that there'll be no more puppers on our horizon, however does leave room for awesome solo road trips!


10.  He has a strong dislike of feet!


11.  He suffers from photographers child syndrome.  AKA, "Ah shit. Mum has a camera. Hide!!"


12.  And whilst he doesn't always appreciate the random assortment of items on his head - he does get lots of treats for being a 10/10 good boi.


And that my dear readers is my #BFF Wally.   He's been such a massive part of my life over the past five years - and I honestly couldn't picture life without him in it.  I'm hoping to feature him more on the blog below, and help him manage his socials a bit better (slack effort, I'll take ownership of that.)

Let me know in the comments if there's anywhere that you'd like to see us travel out to, or let me know about your pets!


Claire xo