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October 2019

Dear me; it’s okay to be overwhelmed

I’m trying to remind myself that it’s okay to be overwhelmed. Sometimes, life isn’t super great. An open letter to myself, and everyone who’s struggling

Selfie September 2019

Even though it's part of Selfie September - I wasn't going to post these.  Seriously, I looked at them after I took them  - and apart from the above display photo (which I actually super love),  and just hated the way I looked.



Self love isn't something I'm great at. I preach it - I yell it from the roof tops,  but actually for me to put it in action - haha yeah.  Not so much.  I've already made myself out to be a hypocrite once this week, and that's not something that I'm wanting to become a habit.  Therefore, that's why they're getting posted.  To say this is a scary is a bit of an understatement. These are seriously unedited (as in, photoshopped for the lumps and bumps. Certainly has had a few colours added here and there.) - and I'm not used to that.

But, if I'm going to be here being a bad ass bitch, and tell you to get off your ass and take progress photos - then I'm willing to take responsibility for my photos too.

Things that I realised:


  1. I have a surperb resting bitch face
  2. Orange and reds are totally my colours
  3. As much as I bloody love jumpsuits, that don't super flatter me
  4. Whatever rat-tail looking thing is currently curled at the back of my hair is absolutely needing to go the next time I'm at the hairdressers

On another side note - I attempted to record myself in the studio thinking YES. THIS IS IT. THIS IS THE TIME THAT I CAN FINALLY LOOK AMAZING AND PROFESSIONAL WITH A GREAT BACKGROUND.


Let me tell you how absolutely terrible that was; the echo. My good (*insert the echoey good-good-good*)  ness.  Nope, that was not going to work.  It could have worked if I was recording a commercial on how not to record a commercial - for my future ventures on YouTube though - not so much.

Question of the day then goes, how is the best way to actually record a video for youtube?   I'd love to hear suggestions below. As for now, that's it for my #SelfieSeptember.  Thanks for stopping by ♥


For the bees!

Somewhere in the last few months, I turned a page and decided that I should really be doing more for the environment.

I went on a crusade - bought metallic straws (that I lost after 24 hours, who even does that?)  - lovingly purchased the most gorgeous ceramic keep cup (which my cat delightfully batted off the bench and I didn't know for about three weeks.)  I bought re-usable containers for my food (which I keep losing the lids for. Seriously, where the fudge do they go?)  and I've always been an adamant person who doesn't believe in turning heaters on when there's blankets to be had.  (Because who doesn't want more blankets in their life?)

But the one thing that has really stuck out to me over the last few months, apart from my apparent addiction to coffee, is bees.



"Bees, Claire? Really? Why?"

Maybe I should clarify it's actually quite the distinct lack of  bees.
See, growing up - there was so many freaking bees everywhereeee. And those mofo's sting like hell if you peeve one off!  10/10 don't recommend this at all. However, it occured to me that there hasn't been any bees around lately to even slightly worry about this.  So here's a pretty pure hearted story for you.


So I was running late for work a few mornings ago, and let me tell you, I'm suuuuuper bad at trying to get up and doing things at the best of times,  and that 10000% includes getting ready in the mornings.  This wasn't even one of my classic "okay, yeah, maybe I'm only behind like five minutes-"

Of course not.

This was a very much "Shiiiit I'm fifteen minutes behind. I'm in trouble."  sort of late.
So here I am absolutely racing to my car and just as I'm about to jump in - here's a bee.

On my car.

Just chilling.

And I'm just looking at it going,  you little buddy are not going to make it if I start driving.
Do you think I could have one less bee in the world on my conscience?  Hell nah.   Even if it meant being ridiculously late - I was saving this little buddies stinger.  Being the Queen of Procastination I am, I had a heap of kids books hiding in my boot that was meant to go to the local charity drop off the weekend prior.  I had to scoop this little buddy onto such a flat piece of paper and I don't know if bees can give you death stares- but if they could, pretty sure I got one.

So happy endings, I put them on the flower bush in our garden and saved it from a very uncomfy death by car.

I hope the little thing is okay, I'm really rooting for our bees.


What are you doing to help the environment?  Have a cute story about saving a wombat or helping a cute family of ducks cross the road? Let me know in the comments below!