If you work, and your company has a charity day option – I absolutely implore you to give back to your community. Today I was lucky enough to do this – and got to spend several hours helping up at the Dogs Home of Tasmania.


| Matey |
| Tess |

It was great to be able to go behind the scenes and see what the volunteers and staff get up to. Admittedly, I haven’t been to the dogs home in a number of years. It was lovely to see that there have been some funds made available. This just gives the home a nice little touch up. What was even nicer was there wasn’t a full kennel – so fingers crossed that this stays that way over the summer period.

As cute as all the dogs were, we definitely didn’t just play with them and that’s it! I don’t think I really noticed at the time but man, coming home I am exhausted. We weeded and picked up poop. Then scrubbed out the viewing areas. I absolutely hit my 10k step goal for the day super early!

The Highlight of My Day

| Samuel |

This cutie patootie was my highlight of the day. I totally forgot to get a picture of him not in his pen. As it turns out, two walks and a play makes for a pretty good day! The clever little cookie knew how to sit, rollover, say please (shake paws)! And whilst he looks super sad here, I super pinky promise that wasn’t for the whole time!

(Post note – he was adopted out later that week!)

These puppers are so super loved out there. I don’t doubt for a moment they’ll stay in there for much longer. Every one of them had such an amazing temperament.

I’m a massive fan of “Adopt, don’t shop.” Wally, my furkid, was adopted from there when he was 4 months old. There are so many benefits of adopting, including having their shots up to date, microchip and also de-sexing, which can cost a fortune!!

I know that going forward I’ll be looking at putting a more permanent volunteer application in.

Do you have a pound doggo? What first drew you to them?
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