I’m looking at 114 different drafts in my pending list.
Originally, I had full plans to do Blogtober – however, after a shock to the system, aka, finding out that I’ll be out of work in less than a month, my whole writing world has been putting on hold. It’s day seven of vacation, and I feel like I should be writing about what to love about travelling, and what to wear when you go to the tropics, or if business and holidays actually mix – (all of which are pending posts) – but I’m looking at my workload for my photos that need editing on it, and honestly, none of which are shout at me YOU SHOULD WRITE ME TODAY! Understandably, my motivation is low.

Instead, I’m writing a blog about procrastination, and maybe some ideas for a filler page. You know the ones I’m talking about, the ones that might not add the most value to your blog- but someone out there might find them helpful. So here goes a list of things you could write about if you get stuck and tackle when your motivation gets low.

Looking for more blogging tips? Have you checked out at how to make your blog more cohesive? Or why you may be losing readers?

  1. Your top ten songs to sing along to in the car
  2. What your favourite subject was in school, and how that impacts you today
  3. A letter to your favourite teacher you had growing up
  4. A letter to yourself, next week, next month, next year and in ten years
  5. Write out a bucket list of things you want to do before you die
  6. Do up a post about a local charity your passionate about
  7. Recommend some good Instagram pages that you’re currently digging
  8. Do a book review of something amazing you’ve read recently
  9. Do an “about me” using the letters in your blog name as a prompt
  10. Write 5 random facts about anything that you love
  11. Introduce your pets!
  12. Get real: write a journal post on how you actually are
  13. Show a progress post, whether that be fitness, blogging, photography – be proud of where you started
  14. Make up some Canva posters with your favourite motivational quotes
  15. Recommend a local cafe or shop and write about why you like it
  16. Make a list of good things that have happened to you in the last month
  17. A then/now post – looking back at when you were a kid, what did you love then vs what do you love now
  18. Write about ten things that you couldn’t live without, whether that be in your blogging routine or just normal life
  19. Talk about something that you’re really proud of, or looking forward to that’s coming up!
  20. Share your favourite food recipe!

What other suggestions do you use when your motivation is low?
Comment below, I’d love to add them!

Featured Photo by Angèle Kamp on Unsplash