Weigh in day!

Starting Weight: 90
Previous Weight: 84.5
Current Weight: N/A

Look – it was meant to be weigh-in day, but considering what I ate over the weekend (food shots pending, but it was bloody delicious) – there was no way I was jumping back on the scales today. To tell you what, it’s actually been a bit of a relief in not doing so. I haven’t been freaking out about if the scale dial has moved, it’s allowed a bit of a relax in the strict-ass diet regime, and I’m pretty happy (for the most part.)

Things in life I find are very fickle.
For example, I had a post pending for the end of the month about my 2020 vision; aka, what I was wanting to see in 2020 for my goals and personal growth, but even though in the past 24 hours there’s been a lot of massive changes that completely bypasses anything that I was thinking.

It can be a bit of a concern, uncertainty. It’s also exciting to see where things can take you. It’s a bit of “watch this space” as I work through some coming things, but I’m ready to tackle the challenge and do another 7 day detox tomorrow. Wish me luck ♥