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Oh. My. Goodness.

How fast has 2019 just been?  I swear it was only just like March and I just came back from my holiday in Melbourne.  I think we can all agree that a lot of us told 2019 to come at us - and boy, didn't it just?  I'm going to be completely honest and say I started 2019, pretty shittily.   I had the worst 2018 Christmas (in fact, I didn't even see more than 10 minutes that day as I was so sick.)  I was still terribly unwell NYE and had a super long flight back from Darwin to Hobart the following day (word of advice, don't fly whilst you're sick. It's a) not fun and b) totally not fair on other passengers. (Looking at you old guy who got me sick on the initial plane ride.)


I'll do up another post about my 2019 in review, because it really was a year of ups and downs, and I wanted this to be a bit more of an inspiration post rather than a #woeisme  sort of things.   I'm honestly totally one for new years resolutions, I hardly ever stick to them, but, I watched this cool little video on skillshare the other day and the premise was around "side quests" and how to get to your next goal.  Now, the actual video itself I'd highly recommend watching - but one particular part mentions that you should write down your goals on a tiny piece of paper and keep it with you, and you'd eventually sort of manifest it into coming true.  I've done this with a list before a couple of years back, and actually managed to tick off about 75% of the things I'd set out - so y'know what guys, fuck it.  Let's set a goal of 20 things for 2020 that we can see me try to achieve over the year.

My 2020 Vision Goals:


  1. Clear all outstanding debt
  2. Create a community for millennials to be able to connect together
  3. Get my first tattoo
  4. Save $9000 by November
  5. Try to de-clutter my room & storage unit
  6. Read (or re-read)  20 books and write reviews about them
  7. Focus on minimizing waste footprint



  1.  Hit a personal best for weight loss - (hit 70kgs)  - then fine tune down to appx 60kg
  2.  Gym/Exercise 3 times a week
  3.  Do the splits
  4.  Try seven new sports
  5.  Fit into a size 8 by November for my friends wedding ♥
  6.  Be able to dead lift 100kg
  7.  Commit to 4 months of PT sessions
  8.  Grow my hair another few inches and wear it down more often
  9.  Set up four different photo shoots of progress goals (one for each season)



  1. Continue my 365 day photo project
  2. Launch my re-branded photography line & Continue new creativity content monthly
  3. Collaborate with both national and international brands for content & guest post
  4. Earn 2k a month from blogging
  5. Learn how to film & edit video - and create YouTube content
  6. Post at least twice a week & schedule in advance
  7. Earn half of my savings from the first point in the list through photography gigs
  8. Somehow keep said savings and upgrade my camera to a 5D mk iv (or v as that should be out soon)
  9. Each month focus on a new area of photography or editing I haven't before (tilt shift, film, landscapes etc)
  10. Do a "Hello Stranger" project and photograph 100 random people
  11. Complete the "Vanity Project"   of self reflection
  12. Grow twitter following to over 2k, same with instagram



  1.  Plan/Organise a six to twelve month international trip
  2.  Learn how to speak a second language
  3.  Gain employment for a job overseas for a period of time
  4.  Stay in a hostel
  5.  Go out with someone new, in either my home town or internationally
  6.  Show someone around Hobart as a tour guide
  7.  Make new pen pals overseas
  8.  Try to get out once a month to a social night
  9.  Find new places in Tasmania to blog about
  10.  Go on road trips with Wally once a month, and see if I can find some friends to come along

I'm totally sure there's meant to be more that I'm aiming for - but I think this seems like a pretty good list for now.  What are you looking forward to trying to achieve for 2020?  Let me know in the comments below <3


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