If you can remember in my last post - one of my 2020 goals was to continue my 365 day photo project. I actually started this back on the 2nd of December; I figured if I started it on the first of January that I'd be a) too hungover or b) too unmotivated and to be honest, that would have totally been the case!


So what's exactly is a 365 day project?

Glad you asked! It's a photography-based, year-long project capturing your day to day life. Whether that be attempting to adhere to prompts (There a lot of groups!), or just capturing little moments, or just a bit of everything.  Last year I managed to get 70 odd days in before failing - so absolutely hoping to make it through the whole of this year!

I'm proud to say that I'm over officially a month in - and this is the first "month" of photos ♥




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[Disclaimer, and edited to add 2nd July 2020]  - Look, I'm going to be super honest with you, I completely fell off the bandwagon with this. I went well for a few months, and then everything with Covid happened and let's be honest here, focusing on Project 365 was not high on my priority list. Maybe it should have been? I haven't done a super high amount of photography since March.  I'd encourage you to still absolutely check out this project, and watch this space when I inevitably re-launch it in the upcoming months!]


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This was my first 30 days done and I was super proud of the effort. As mentioned in the disclaimer, I did actually get to about March before I fell off the radar with this one. What can I say? It's not called a challenge for no reason! If you'd like to see another challenge I did - maybe I can interest you in the 12 Hour Challenge which is just as tricky, but you only need a day of dedication!

Would you like to see this challenge re-launched?  Let me know in the comments!