Hey Northern Territory! I’ll See You in Four Weeks

  • Claire OBeirne
  • Aug 8, 2020

Is it too early to start playing the Final Countdown?  I feel like it might be?  Anyway, hi friends!  It's another move update post.  As you may (or may not, welcome to the blog if you're just tuning in!) know I'm in the final preparations to move from Hobart up to the Northern Territory. I am psyched, and scared, and high key freaking out. My family members can attest today that I nearly had a break down in the living room. Why? Because I'm trying to fit my whole entire bedroom into two suitcases with a 40kg limit, and I'm a hoarder, guys.  That isn't enough room.  I did actually write to Jetstar last week asking if we could increase that up any higher and was met with a resounding no. So, in case you were wondering - Jetstar's limit for baggage is 40kg and that's it. (+14kg carry on if you pay an absorbent high fee.)


northern territory sunset in Darwin


Northern Territory Here I Come ♪ 

Okay, let's take a step back and see where I'm actually at.  There are four weeks to go, and at this stage, among the pressure of trying to sell and pack everything, Covid has currently taken over Victoria, and they're in a state of disaster. (Aka it's not looking good.)  It's also seeping up the East Coast of Australia, and I'm getting increasingly concerned that the borders are going to start shutting everywhere. I'm trying to keep a positive outlook, but it's obviously concerning when a whole state is basically on lockdown, and doesn't look like it's slowly.

I'm going to keep myself distracted though!  In the next two weeks we'll be looking to do the following:

  • Finding a rental in Darwin, and signing a lease (eep!)
  • Looking out for a car (in Darwin)
  • Pack everything up that needs to be placed into temporary storage
  • Do another tip run with throw away things



Moving Concerns:

  • There are no direct Darwin flights from Tasmania, and I have to detour via one of the other capitals. If they close, it's a pricey choice to re-book another flight
  • On that note, when we apply for a rental, if there is a delay, I'll be paying double rent until I can book another flight to get up there
  • There's also the possibility of having to detour to an isolation facility if things go really bad
  • (It's going to be fine. It is. Really. Absolutely.)
  • We're having to start with furniture and everything from scratch.   However, Darwin Bunnings - I'm coming for you to replenish my plant supply.
  • My weight limit for the plane. 54kgs sounds like a lot, but with camera equipment, a whole wardrobe (shoes are really heavy?), and my art supplies, it's become very weighty, very quickly.


Dog is covered in clothes, whilst laying on couch
wally on donating clothes duty ♥


Moving Yays! :

  • On the flip side, if all goes well, I'll be able to see my partner for the first time since March in less than four weeks!
  • It also means that whilst we'll be starting from scratch with furniture, I can look at picking out all the decor that I've been eyeing off for months (aw yeah!)
  • Also bought new clothes to take up with me, so it made it a little easier to do the latest declutter and four bags of donations ♥
  • I get to see that amazing Darwin sunset (pictured earlier) again. It's amazingly gorgeous!


So... Northern Territory, just stay open a little longer okay?

I'm trying to stay as positive as I possibly can be, and all we can do is hope, and keep our fingers crossed everything goes okay!  I've got all my blog post ideas laid out for the next two months so I'm hoping that this will give me a bit of breathing room as I know what to write about, and I'll give you guys an update again in a few weeks.  Let me know in the comments below if you've got any advice, or if you've got any questions about the process so far!


Post edit: 

So, I wrote this post up a few days ago and had it scheduled to launch, and I'm choosing to not go back and edit the main piece. However,  I logged onto my flight booking tonight, and one of my worst fears has become a reality.  The flight I had booked has been changed, and I've had to do a completely different itinerary. Am I freaking out? Yeah, quite a bit. Is it okay? Yes, as long as it doesn't change again.  At the moment I've had to move the flight to two days earlier than it was originally planned, and with an overnight layover.  Not ideal, but, it could be worse.  Let's keep our fingers crossed nothing else changes ♥ x