Moving to Darwin: Chapter One

  • Claire OBeirne
  • May 12, 2020
Birds fly over Darwin City

The city of Darwin and I have not been the best of friends.


Therefore, moving to Darwin has not been the highest of places I've wanted to re-visit.

The first time I went to Darwin,  I had just had the most traumatic experience of my adult life occur two weeks prior. I was already on edge, and not in a good headspace. Within two days of arriving up the Top End, I also came down with the worst viral infection I've ever had.  I missed the whole of Christmas and Boxing Day - and was within an inch of going to the hospital over it.

The second time I went to Darwin, I'd just found out I'd been made redundant from my workplace of five years.  What should have been a relaxing time, instead was shrouded in anxiety.  There were lots of good things about that trip that I could talk about - but there was also a lot of not great stuff there, too.

The last time I went to Darwin,  was in transit to and from Bali.
It's also the time where I thought I contracted Corona-Virus. 

As you can see - I do not have the best of luck when it comes to Darwin.


The weather does NOT muck around up there.  Check out the 42 degrees on the dashboard
The weather does NOT muck around up there. Check out the 42 degrees on the dashboard

You are absolutely welcome to question 

at why, at this point in time, would I want to move to a city that is obviously cursed for me?  And you know what, I'd tell you that's a really great question - and I don't have a lot of great answers.

Okay. That's a lie. I do.  My partner moved to Darwin over eighteen months ago.  To skip a lot of the boring backstory here, I wasn't invited with this move, and to be perfectly frank - I wanted to move to Melbourne. Y'know. The best city for coffee in Australia.  However the end goal was for me to eventually move - but it just hadn't really aligned until now.  Well, I say now. It's not really now because we're in the middle of a heckin' pandemic but that's a minor detail.


That outback aesthetic?
That outback aesthetic?

So there's a lot of things to consider about moving to Darwin.


Number one, of course, is the Corona Virus and the impacts of travel.  At the moment, I basically can't leave Tasmania. Even if I did attempt to travel to the NT, it would not only cost me the flight - but $2500 for the mandatory two-week quarantine required on arrival. (No, thank you.)   This is meaning that we're looking to get up there around the September mark, which allows for enough time to save and sell basically everything that I have down here.


The second issue is Wally. Now, this fluffy thing is my #BFF - but also happens to be a slight hiccup in the moving process.  I've always been adamant that he'd come with me no matter what.  We've nearly ended up homeless a couple of times because of this attitude, but we've made it pretty good over the last five years. The concern is a number of things.  Firstly, he's a long-haired dog.  Great for Tasmanian winters, not so much for sweltering Northern Territory conditions.  Secondly - he's a big, oversized baby, and therefore an inside dog.  Darwin isn't the best place in my research to find "homes".  Apartments? Absolutely. There are heaps. But 99% of these do not allow pets, or if they do, do not allow pets over 15kgs.  Now, I'm not suggesting anything rash - but unless he starves for the next three months, he's not going to fit with that body corporate law.   Last but not least - IT COSTS $1500 TO SHIP HIM UP THERE VIA PLANE.  I nearly had a heart attack when I read that today.  That's insane.

Look at that needy inside fluffball.
Look at that needy inside fluffball.

The third issue about moving to Darwin

is that of actually finding work and a place to live when I get up there.   I've got options for a place to go - but my partner and I would prefer our own place.  The rental prices aren't particularly cheap - and with the world's economics at the moment not being super great - work is a bit of a sceptical piece that I'm concerned about. Unless I can find a way to monetize the blog to the tune of $4000 a month in four months - living in a government-supported bubble long term isn't high on my to-do list.

At least the sunsets are a m a z i n g
At least the sunsets are a m a z i n g

The fourth and (probably not final) issue is the idea of having to get rid of items.  Now, I know this to a lot of people doesn't seem to be the biggest thing, but I am one of the biggest hoarders.  I struggle so much to throw things out. Minimalism doesn't exist to me unless it's in a household in the Sims.  Even then,  that usually doesn't last.  Conveniently- most of my life is still in boxes since I moved home 18 months ago - and could only bring out as much as I could fit into my old bedroom, so there's a literal storage container full of basically a whole house.   I was quoted again nearly $1500 to relocate just a portion of it with me - and I just can't see that it'd be worth it.  The idea just gives me mad anxiety either way.


So that's where we're currently at.


Goodness, I used a lot of "The xx"  sentences in this but oh well.  I've still got about four months of prep time to work out how in the world I'm going to accomplish this.  I still think that buying a van, shoving Wally and the items I want to keep in, and driving up would be a great adventure - but I think we'll consider that option down the track.  Watch this space for more updates and thoughts ♥

Have you moved before?  What are things that you'd suggest to consider?  Let me know in the comments!



  1. Erik Suffern

    June 10, 2020

    Hi, this is a great blog and i always look forward to the information you post here. Thanks again

  2. Emily Wells

    May 15, 2020

    Aww, I like reading your story. I can’t wait for part 2. It is so brave of you to make this leap, especially in this situation. I hope you and Wally have a safe adventure down to Darwin! I hope you enjoy the change and a new start!

    Em x

  3. Travelogged blogs

    May 13, 2020

    Hey, you are very brave to make this decision yourself. I hope you move to Darwin happily. That would be a change of environment for you and a fresh start. Wishing you the best!

  4. Kev S

    May 12, 2020

    You are brave for making this move, but it will be a good change

  5. Rebekka Kaur

    May 12, 2020

    Hey! I hope that you find the best way possible to move to Darwin soon with your fluffy buddy and I have to move to my new place at the end of this year and I’m so excited for that! It’s going to be my first move since my childhood!

    • shortgirlwalking

      May 12, 2020

      Hey! Oh goodness, that’s super exciting! Will you have to move far? Or just a local change? Thank you for stopping by ♥

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