Weight loss journey: blog post 2

  • Claire OBeirne
  • Jul 29, 2020

Welcome to my weekly weight loss journey blog post - and we're up to week two! (and a bit, as I technically started on the 17th but was just super lazy about the upload of the introduction post.)  Let's just go and celebrate a little that I've managed to make it through two weeks so far without a complete meltdown.  And y'know - that's a damn achievement because by now, that's usually what happens.

If you've been keeping up to date on the daily posts on Twitter - you'll know that I was super craving salt and vinegar chippies last night and ... okay, that craving did win out BUT I only bought a small packet and not a supermassive one as I'd normally do.

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Wednesday || 29th July  || Day Twelve
Weigh in weight || 90kg
Difference = - 4.5kg


I would have loved to crack into the 80s again - but hey, a loss is a loss and I'll take it where I can.  I'm super bummed I don't have measurements as I'm a much bigger supporter of tracking that vs tracking kilos lost, but do you think I can do that myself? Nope, not in the slightest.


Things that have been working

  • Drinking water (when I remember)
  • The coffee as a reward for walking
  • Pokémon Go

I think the best thing that I could have done over the past few weeks was to buy not only a new water jug (I dislike room temperature water,)  and also invest in a water infuser drink bottle. (Mine in fairness if 400ml, rather than 700ml which is less daunting to try and drink in one sitting. But those rose gold colour is cute as fudge.)

One thing that I've been really loving upon is the Twinnings infuser ranges for their water as a near no-calorie alternative, and it's just enough to keep things different.  I personally love the Watermelon, Strawberry and Mint, Rose Lemonade, and the Lemon, Orange and Ginger one is growing on me.

Pokémon Go was a surprise contender.  #GoFest2020 was on over the weekend and ended up walking nearly 25km over the last week because I was hunting pokemon. I also had a photoshoot which is always a great excuse for steps!

Things that have not been working

  • The flip side of not always remembering water
  • Absolute cravings for chips and chocolate
  • Members of my family having pizza and other really yummy smelling foods
  • Buying the wrong sized tights 🙁


I'm a complete sucker for sales, and also for practically any Nike products when it comes to workout gear.  I bought a pair of these super comfy tights last week on sale and I went back in the store to grab another pair. To my luck, there was one left - so I grabbed it. Finally tried them on Monday after ripping the tags off and realise it's an XXL, not XL - and is so baggy. My heart broke. I'm going to wear them for as long as possible though because I hate the idea of wasting that money on nothing.

The weight loss journey blog: Week Two
wrap up

I ended up going out for brunch this morning, and was only going to get a coffee but felt rather pressured into buying food - and so ended up with this massive monster cookie.  So all in all, if in the last few weeks, the only "slip-ups" I've had were a packet of chips and a cookie,  I think I'm going okay.

Did a progress picture this morning - not really seeing much of a difference (yet!)  and I think I might have to change some of it around to include booty shorts because, in hindsight, my leggings are pretty fab for covering up all the lumps and bumps!

Heading away this weekend, so just got to be mindful of what I eat whilst in the car, but feeling confident.  How's your week going?  If you're a fitness journey, what have been your wins?  If not - what's been the coolest thing about your week that you've done?  Let me know in the comments! ♥


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